Find Out Why Routine Oil Change Is a Critical Car Maintenance Practice

14 September 2021
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


As a car owner, proper car maintenance is everything when it comes to your safety and car's performance. Unfortunately, most people neglect car maintenance and only act when the car develops serious mechanical or transmission problems. Maintaining your car in perfect shape doesn't have to be expensive. Simple maintenance practices such as regular oil changes shouldn't be overlooked. As the car service expert changes car oil, they may also inspect other car parts like the belt and hoses and check fluid levels to ensure the car is in good condition. So if you don't always change car oil as recommended, see why it's a critical part of car service and maintenance.

You Ensure the Engine Is Clean

Before the oil gets into the engine, it flows through some other areas and collects dirt and other elements in the process. If you don't change it as scheduled, sludge will definitely get into the engine and accumulate. In fact, more dirt will find its way into the engine if you live in a dustier and drier area. However, these elements won't end up in the engine if you regularly replace car oil and also filters. When more debris or even dirt accesses the engine, they will cause engine damage.

It Helps Extend Engine's Life

The engine is one of the critical and expensive parts of any vehicle. When it gets damaged, you may spend some good money on repairs. If the worst happens and you have to replace the engine, you may even spend more because engines are usually expensive. However, regular oil changes can help you avoid unnecessary engine repair and replacement costs. Oil doesn't just lubricate the engine and protect it, but it also prevents other parts from serious damage and excessive wear. You should avoid dirty or old oil as much as possible because it reduces the shelf-life of the engine. So ensure you change the oil routinely because it helps extend the engine's life.

It Enhances Gas Mileage

Every car owner wants better gas mileage, but something must be done to get it. Your car could be good on gas, but its gas mileage might deteriorate if you aren't keen on maintenance. Various factors usually affect your car's mileage, and some of them include terrain, driving habits, and environment. 

Simple maintenance tips like changing car oil routinely boost gas mileage in a big way. When you don't change the oil for many days, dirt and grit will definitely mix with it, increasing friction. Increased friction often leads to increased fuel consumption and decreased engine performance. As you can see, routine oil changes aren't optional for any car owner who wants to maintain enhanced gas mileage.

You don't change car oil only when it's at low levels, but also when it's old and dirty. If you don't change it, you end up with low horsepower and decreased gas mileage. So ensure you know when you need to change the oil and let a competent mechanic help you change it.