Avoiding Problems With Your Commercial Vehicle Brakes

21 November 2018
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Commercial vehicles will often have very different needs than standard personal automobiles due to the intense weight and wear that they will experience. In particular, these changes will have sizable impacts on the brakes of the vehicle. When it concerns meeting the maintenance needs of your commercial vehicles, there are some steps that can be used to reduce the risk of brake problems occurring to your company's vehicles. Record Any Brake Work In The Vehicle's Service Log Read More 

Tips for Finding Affordable Replacement Parts for Your Vehicle

12 November 2018
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One of the toughest things about having a vehicle break down is the fact that the cost of some parts can be more than some people can comfortably afford. If you are in a position where you would like to save as much money on auto parts as you can, you will want to spend a little time reading through the following tips. The more advice you use, the more money you will be able to save. Read More 

Time For Snow Tires? How To Safely Store Your Warm Weather Tires This Winter

10 November 2018
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With the weather turning cold, it's time to turn your attention to the tires on your car, especially if you're expecting snow this year. Your snow tires should be installed on your car before the first snow arrives. One of the benefits of snow tires is that they allow you to safely drive through snow without the use of chains. However, once you put your snow tires on, you'll need to store your warm weather tires. Read More 

Save Your Relationship: Why You Should Enroll Your Teen In Driving School

6 November 2018
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If it's time for your teen to learn how to drive, and you're thinking about providing the instruction yourself, you should rethink that decision. While you may be perfectly capable of teaching your teen how to drive, it's not necessarily the best option. Before you begin teaching your teen how to drive, here are four reasons why you should enroll them in a driving school instead. Reduce Stressful Situations Teaching a teenager how to drive can be stressful, especially during those first few days when they're getting the hang of everything. Read More 

3 Great Tips When Selling Auto Parts for Cash

5 November 2018
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If you have a car that's inoperable yet still has parts that are in good condition, it might be worth selling the parts for some cash. This transaction will work out in your favor and go smoothly if you remember these tips.  Estimate the Part's Value  Whether you're selling your car's engine or transmission, your first priority should be finding out the value of said part you're selling. Failing to do so can result in you not getting as much money as you should or pricing the part so high that no parties are interested in buying. Read More