Three Smart Reasons that Suburban Families Should Own a Truck

31 October 2018
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


Unlike farmers, ranchers, and others who live in more rural households, many suburban families continue to drive passenger cars, minivans, or smaller, cross-over-type sport utility vehicles (SUVs) instead of full-size pickup trucks. Some of these families may feel that driving a truck in their more urban setting would be uncomfortable or difficult, while others may simply never have experienced the benefits of owning and driving these larger vehicles. If you are considering the purchase of a new vehicle and questioning whether a truck would be a good option for your family, here are three very smart reasons to go shopping for a truck. 

More legroom and better visibility

For a decade or more now, pickup trucks have been built to comfortably accommodate four or more adults due to the inclusion of four-door design, similar to most passenger cars and SUVs. Unlike these smaller vehicles, however, a full-size pickup offers much more legroom and headroom, making them more comfortable to both ride in or drive. 

Additionally, the body of full-size pickups is much higher than most other passenger vehicles and has larger expanses of glass, offering drivers and passengers much better visibility. 

More convenience for activities and tasks

Buying a new appliance on sale or finding a great deal on a beautiful antique furnishing at the thrift shop is a great feeling—until you remember that you have to find a way to get the item to your home. Having to hire a rental truck or beg a favor from a friend to transport the item can often make you regret the purchase that you felt so good about just minutes before. 

Families who choose to own and drive a full-size pickup truck will always have a convenient way to get their purchases home, no matter how large they may be. In addition, a pickup truck with a locking bed cover or storage box can also make it easier to haul the kids and their friends to baseball practice or take the kayaks and inflatable toys to the lake. 

More technology removes parking difficulties

Most pickup models now come with excellent technology options that can add convenience and comfort. In addition to internet connectivity, Bluetooth options, and phone syncing, pickups also offer back up camera systems to make backing them up and parking them much easier and safer. 

To learn more about why now is the right time to consider adding a full-size pickup to your suburban home's garage, contact a local dealership, such as Grey Chevrolet Inc.