3 Great Tips When Selling Auto Parts for Cash

5 November 2018
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If you have a car that's inoperable yet still has parts that are in good condition, it might be worth selling the parts for some cash. This transaction will work out in your favor and go smoothly if you remember these tips. 

Estimate the Part's Value 

Whether you're selling your car's engine or transmission, your first priority should be finding out the value of said part you're selling. Failing to do so can result in you not getting as much money as you should or pricing the part so high that no parties are interested in buying. To avoid both dilemmas, you can use online auto parts calculators to see how much the asking price should be. These calculators are fairly accurate and are pretty simple to use. You just need to know information about the part, such as its name, brand, and overall condition. Try gathering several price estimates so you can come up with a reasonable average.

Have Parts Tested 

One of the worst things that can happen when carrying out this transaction is for the part you sold to not work when the buyer gets it. Not only will this harm your selling reputation in the auto sector, but it can also result in expensive lawsuits.

That's why you need to test every part before putting it on the market. If you know a lot about cars, you can probably conduct these performance tests yourself. If you don't, you can always take the part to an automotive repair shop for a small fee. Make sure you're candid with how these tests went when talking to buyers, so they know exactly what they're getting.

Line up the Right Buyer 

Today, there are many places you can sell auto parts to. These include independent buyers, online parts manufacturers, and junkyards. If you're hoping to sell quickly, online parts manufacturers are a great option. They may not offer you the most money for your parts, but they'll take them off your hands within the same day. It may take longer to sell to independent buyers and junkyards, but these parties are often your best bet when trying to maximize your profits. Additionally, if these parties are local, you won't have to worry about expensive shipping costs. 

You can make a lot of money selling parts from cars you no longer have use for. So that you're completely happy with these automotive transactions, make sure you follow the right selling protocol from start to finish.