Time For Snow Tires? How To Safely Store Your Warm Weather Tires This Winter

10 November 2018
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With the weather turning cold, it's time to turn your attention to the tires on your car, especially if you're expecting snow this year. Your snow tires should be installed on your car before the first snow arrives. One of the benefits of snow tires is that they allow you to safely drive through snow without the use of chains. However, once you put your snow tires on, you'll need to store your warm weather tires. That way, you can put them back on your car once the weather warms up again. If you've never stored tires before, here are some simple instruction that will protect your tires while they're away for the winter.

Start with a Clean Surface

If you're going to be storing your warm weather tires this winter, you need to start with a clean surface. Grease, grime, and road oils can wreak havoc on your tires while they're in storage. Once the tires are removed from the car, give them a good scrubbing—inside and out. Allow the tires to air dry thoroughly, and then apply a protective tire conditioner to the entire surface. They're now ready to be stored.

Wrap Each Tire Individually

Once you've cleaned your tires, you'll need to wrap each tire. Don't try to wrap them together, though. Your tires will need individual protection while they're in storage. Instead, invest in four separate storage wraps for your tires. If you don't have access to tire storage bags—which you can get at most auto supply stores—you can use heavy-duty trash bags instead.

Choose the Right Storage Space

When choosing a storage space for your warm weather tires, remember that they shouldn't be stored outside, or near dirt and debris. Instead, you want to choose a clean and dry location—preferably in a storage shed or garage. If you don't have space in your garage or storage shed, you might want to consider renting a storage unit for all your warm weather gear. That way, everything is stored safely, in one convenient location.

Take Care When Stacking Tires

When it comes to storing your tires for the winter, you need to take care with how you stack them. If your tires are on the rims, store them in a vertical position next to each other. If your tires are not on their rims, place the first tire on a clean, flat surface, and then stack the remaining tires on top of that one. Be sure to rotate your tires several times during the winter.

For more tips on storing your tires this winter or for help purchasing snow tires, reach out to tire shops like Evans Tire & Service Centers