Ready To Purchase Custom Wheels? 3 Questions You Need To Answer

9 July 2019
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If you are ready to purchase custom wheels for your vehicle, there are a few questions you need to answer so you can purchase the best possible custom wheels for your vehicle and your budget.

How Do You Intend to Use Your Vehicle?

First, you need to know how you intend to use your vehicle. Do you plan on taking your vehicle off-roading? Or do you just want nice rims on your everyday commuter vehicle? What you plan on doing with your vehicle impacts the type of tires you will need to put on your vehicle, which in turn can impact the rims you put on your vehicle. For example, if you want to go off-roading with your vehicle or take it to the sand dunes, you are going to want to go with oversized tires, which will need a larger wheel to support them. If you want to race with your car, regular or even smaller tires may be what you are looking for. If you are just using your vehicle for commuting, you can keep the same size wheels you have now or go a little bigger, for style.

What Size Tires & Wheels Do You Need?

Next, you need to figure out what size tires and wheels you need. You need to start out by figuring out what size your tires are right now. You can find out your tire size by looking at the information on the sidewall of your tire. This will let you know your exact tire size, and the last number will let you know the diameter of your tires, which should be the same diameter as your wheels. When you get new wheels, you will need to get new tires at the same time.

What Type of Finish Do Your Tires Have?

You need to determine what type of finish you want your tires to have. There are lots of different finishes for you to choose from. You can go with a classic black finish, which can has a satin, matte, or gloss finish to it. You can go with gunmetal or gray rims that come in dark, matte, or light finishes. Alternatively, you can go with milled rims, which are uniquely cut rims with exposed metal. Then there are the classic chrome rims, which cost more but have a high-class appearance.

Before you purchase new rims for your vehicle, you need to know what you want to do with your vehicle, what size tires and wheels you need, and what type of finish you want your tires to have. Check out a wheel catalogue, to familiarize yourself with your options.